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Handmade Paper, Books and Cards
  Paper Beads, Wall Art and Sculptures
Repurposed Textiles


Slow made ~ Small batches~ ~Eco friendly ~ Sustainable
Every single piece, all made in house one by one.

What's coming up for Wild Cottage Re

Our Wild Cottage studio is slowing taking shape and we are working to get it all finished.  I can't wait to get out there and not only produce my paper products but to reveal it to everyone. 

Currently I am starting work on a few different ideas and pieces for the Mundaring Hills Open Studios, held in October.  I'm very excited to be included in the Open Studios this year after having to withdraw last year.

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The Wild Cottage way.
All our handmade recycled paper is created using 100% recycled office, shop and packaging waste paper and natural rainwater. Just one tub containing 8-9 litres of water can create more than 100 sheets of recycled paper. No chemicals or bleaches are added to our paper pulp or finished product.
Our collected paper is sorted into whites, individual colours and multi coloured collections ready to be recycled, hand torn and made into new beautiful handmade paper products.
All the flower petals infused and added to our paper have been grown, dried or pressed right here at Wild Cottage Re in the Perth Hills.
Nothing is wasted and every thing is done slow, simple and with a mindful approach to reuse, reduce, recycle and repurpose.

Industrial Paper production.......
The paper pulp industry uses huge amounts of water, one piece of crisp white A4 paper can use up to 20 litres or water during its production from the use of fast growing trees - to paper pulp - to the bleaching process which is the most water intense part of factory paper production. Industrial Paper makers mix vast amounts of water with bleach to turn naturally brown pulp into bright white. Kind on the eyes but absolutely terrible to the environment.


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